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English Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) Homepage

English Kakenhi Face-to-Face with a URA

New in 2019, the URA Office will provide individual meetings to any international researcher who would like information about applying for FY2020 Kakenhi. To request a meeting, please contact international URAs Sanderson and Chen.

English Kakenhi Guidebook

Use the guidebook to help navigate the Kakenhi proposal writing process.

English Kakenhi Brushup/Feedback

Starting about 1 month before the final submission deadline for Kakenhi, you can make a request to the URA Office to "Brushup" your proposal. By considering the Kakenhi updates for the year and using their years of Kakenhi review experience, English speaking URAs will provide advice on how improve your application. (Native English check for proposals is also available if needed.) A link to the Brushup registration page will be available here when it becomes available.

Upon request, the URA Office can also provide feedback for proposals that have not been accepted for funding. This service is available anytime after receiving the Kakenhi results until about 1 month before the final Kakenhi deadline (i.e., the beginning of Kakenhi Brushup). Requests should be made by email to the URA Office.