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English Kakenhi Guidebook

The English Kakenhi Guidebook is a translation of the Japanese Kakenhi Guidebook created by the Kumamoto University URA Office. It contains updated information about the current Kakenhi applications, and has been edited specifically for the international researchers of Kumamoto University.

FY2020 Kakenhi Updates

  1. Duplicate Application Restrictions have been Relaxed
    • Previous winners of Early-Career (or Young Scientists) Kakenhi grants can now apply for both Early-Career and Scientific Research (S, A, and B) grant types.
    • Previous winners of Research Activity Start-up grants can now apply for other KAKENHI categoies from the first year of their Start-up grant.
    • Duplicate applications can now be made for Basic Research (B) and Challenging Research (Pioneering) type grants.
  2. Changes in Innovative Area (Transformative Research Area (A) and (B))
    • These changes should become effective after being reviewed (estimated to be January 2020).
    • Area (A) will be similar to the current Innovative Area type grants.
    • Area (B) will be small projects having a PI under 45 years old.

Guidebook Download

The 2019 guidebook is ready for download!

Since this guidbook was created only for Kumamoto University researchers, please do not share it with anyone outside of this university. Thank you for your cooperation.