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Writing Effective Cover Letters & Peer Review Responses

Writing Effective Cover Letters & Peer Review Responses

20 December 2019

David Kipler, ELS

Cactus Communications

& KU URA Jason Sanderson, PhD

Cover letters are often required when submitting an English language scientific paper. To be effective, a cover letter must persuade an editor to send the manuscript for peer review within a restrictive word limit. In this seminar, an academic publishing trainer & consultant will discuss cover letter composition, persuasive writing techniques, and effective responses to peer review comments.

Additionally, we will introduce a new tool developed by the URA Office that will allow you to perform a self-analysis to see whether or not a journal is predatory in nature.

20 Dec. 2019 Seminar


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intl. collaborative research seminar

Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Seminar

25 October 2018

HFSPO Deputy Secretary General

HFSPO Research Grant Director

Institute of Molecular Science

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) provides some of the most prestigious grants/fellowships in biological research and we are proud to host a seminar detailing its various aspects.

The Deputy Secretary General of the HFSP Organization Secretariat, Dr. Hideki Mizuma, will give an overview of the program and the Research Grant Director, Dr. Geoff Richards, will provide some hints on how to produce a successful application. We are also lucky to have a recent winner of an HFSP Research Grant, Prof. Akihito Ishisaki, from Japan's Institute of Molecular Science here to tell us about his experience with the program.


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