KU - URA Office

Press Releases


So you want to publish a press release?

There are two paths that you can take to get a press release published:

  1. Write the release on your own (in English or Japanese) and submit it to the URA Office.
    We will work with you to make any necessary edits or translations. Please download the following template in your preferred format to create the release:
    - Google Doc Template (Download options may be found under File>Download after opening the template.)
  2. Make a request to the URA Office to write your release.
    A native English speaking URA will read your paper and create a press release for you. You will then work together to make any necessary corrections.
It is highly recommended that you make good use of the embargo period so that your press release and its corresponding research article are published at the same time. The embargo period is the amount of time, typically a few days, where professional science news journalists can read your press release before it & the research article are released to the public. Embargoed press releases allows science reporters to write about your work and publish it as soon as the embargo ends (i.e., right as your release from the university and the research paper are published). Reporters are always looking to be the first to break a story. Giving them time to prepare before the official release of your research news gives them an advantage that they appreciate very much. Often, this extra amount of time increases interest into your work as well.

We use the science news service EurekAlert to publish releases. Please take a look at all Kumamoto University international press releases by clicking on the links above (distributed by year).