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  • Nanosecond pulsed electric fields activate immune cells

    Prof. Ken-ichi Yano: Institute of Pulsed Power Science

    Researchers from Kumamoto University found that stimulating immune cells with nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) can cause them to respond as if they were being stimulated by bacteria.

  • Research shows that drinking Matcha tea can reduce anxiety

    Asst. Prof. Yuki Kurauchi: Faculty of Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical Sciences Group)

    Kumamoto University researchers show that Matcha power or extract has a calming effect in mice.

  • A tale of two proteins: The best and worst of metabolic adaptation

    Prof. Mitsuyoshi Nakao: Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics

    The nutritional environment during the developmental period makes a person susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases later in life. Kumamoto University researchers revealed that two metabolic pathways control the consumption and storage of energy.

  • Clean and effective electronic waste recycling

    Prof. Hamid Hosano: Institute of Pulsed Power Science

    Kumamoto University researchers develop a clean and effective pulsed power system for use in e-waste recycling.

  • Polysulfide donors strongly suppress inflammatory responses

    Prof. Tomohiro Sawa: Faculty of Life Sciences

    KU researchers have developed a new polysulfide donor in cells and tissues that is believed to be an excellent candidate for new anti-inflammatory therapy research.

  • Ketone body utilization decreases when blood flow to the heart is reduced

    Prof. Yuichiro Arima: Kumamoto University Hospital

    KU researchers measured the availability of ketone bodies in the heart and confirmed that the ketone body utilization rate decreases under myocardial ischemia.